Sunday, December 20, 2015

Arabic (MSA): making progress

It's been such a long time since I wrote my last post. I just needed a break. Many things happened when it comes to learning languages. I will try post about them subsequently in the coming days. Let's see what will come out of it. Today about my Arabic studies.

I continue to study with a book العربية بين يديك - "Al 9arabiyyatu bayna yadayk". I focus now on this book to ground the knowledge I've already gained learning from other materials. There's always something new I learn along the way. I'm in the course of the second book (lesson 20) which introduces some compound structures and more daily life situations,e.g. problems with health, advantages and disadvantages of living in a city, marital problems. That's good!

As I've already mentioned several times, I like this course, because aside from the book and audio files, there's a very good course on You Tube. Well, it was made by the Green Lane Masjid so it has many religious explanations and connotations, but I just skip these parts, as I'm interested just in the language, not in the religious matters.

I'll try to write more about my Arabic studies soon...

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