Friday, July 3, 2015

German with Pimsleur completed. What next?

A few days ago I finished audio German course prepared using Pimsleur method. At the same time I was learning from the book “Język dla początkujących” ("German for Beginners") by Wiedza Powszechna, but I think it is so boring and the dialogues are so sofisticated that I abandon it without regret for something more practical. What about the Foreign Language Institute Basic Course?

I really like FSI courses, I wrote about several times. Although they have more than 50 years, their big advantage is that they contain a lot, really a lot of exercises, many hours of audio material, and they focus on speaking. Yet, they are available in the so-called public domain, so you can download them for free from the Internet.

Yesterday, files from the first few lessons landed in my mp3 player, and both parts of the student’s book appeared in my tablet. In the so-called meanwhile (supposedly in the Polish language such a phrase should not be used, because a “meanwhile” does not exist) I participated in my first (well, maybe not so very first) conversation in German. With my knowledge and vocabulary stock I was not able to chat much, but Rome was not built in a day...


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