Sunday, June 7, 2015

Türkçe okuyorum: Telefon sohbeti

Another day in this special month dedicated especially to learning Turkish. Today I reviewed two units (12 & 13) from the Foreign Language Institute course. I took a long walk with my mp3 player to do a practice I call “Walking like…” This time I was apparently “walking like a Turk, repeating aloud after the recordings. I also read another chapter from “Türkçe okuyorum” book - “Telefon sohbeti”.

In fact, aside from the first greetings, there’s not much vocabulary related to telephone conversation in this text. Nevertheless, I noted down some words and expressions I didn’t know before. The most useful, in my opinion, are:

ayrılmak - to leave, to resign, to part, to recede
Dün işten ayrıldım.
iskeleden ayrılmak - to depart from the coast
Feribot Bodrum’un iskelesinden ayrıldı.
emekliliğe ayrılmak - to retire
Annem beş seneden önce emekliliğe ayrıldı.
emeklilik, emekli - retirement, retired

tartışmak - to quarrel; to debate
Patronla tartıştık.
Kız arkadaşımla tartıştım.
tartışma - a quarrel; a debate

(kimi, neyi) özlemek = özleme duymak - to miss (somebody, something), to long, to yearn
özlem - özleme - longing, yearning
Annemi ve kardeşlerimi çok özüldüm.

Kendine iyi bak - Take care of yourself

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