Monday, June 1, 2015

Türkçe haziranı: Turkish June

I decided to "announce" June a month of the Turkish language. I will try to do something related to learning or practicing Turkish every day, even if it will be only reading a short paragraph or listening to music. Last months I have been quite busy with Turkish as I promised myself that it would be a priority this year. But I still have a feeling that I can do more. So Turkish June is a way to push the l limits.

The post I published several hours ago deals with music. I translated into English Sertab Erener's song "Dönmüyorsun". Sertab is one of my favorite Turkish singers, and singers generally. I like her music and especially her very strong voice.

Today I also read a short text "Kumkapı" from the book "Türkçe okuyorum" and listened to audio files from Foreign Service Institute Turkish Basic Course - to practice listening comprehension.

I hope some of the next posts will be at least in part in Turkish.

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