Monday, April 6, 2015

Taking a break with... German

It has been a few weeks since my previous post. Despite assurances that I will write more often and more, I feel a bit discouraged whether it is worthwhile to continue this blog. Nevertheless I deciedd to write a little. This time it will be about... German. Recently I went on holiday and I decided that I would put away the languges I learn for two weeks, and as sort of taking a break I would read a little bit of German.

German is not for me a new language. I studied it for a year in the seventh grade of primary school, what was... long ago. Several years ago, I took to it again. I worked through all three levels of the Pimsleur course. But as I did not use it, I forgot many things.

Frankly speaking, German was never my favorite language, but on the other hand - I cannot say that I do not like it. Hence, the idea to review my knowledge. While packing my suitcase for a holiday, I took with me the book "Język niemiecki dla początkujących" ("German for Beginners"). During these two weeks I managed to read 10 lessons.

As I usually learn from several sources, I transfered audio files from Pimsleur course into mp3 player that I take to the gym, As I have written many times here, although it does not teach much, it allows you to gain a solid base, both in terms of speaking and listening comprehension. Until now, I re-did the entire first level I and 5 lessons of level II.

I try to learn thoroughly what I read, but as I mentioned - German is not a serious thing for me as for now. It is just a break from other languages. For now, the priority for the coming months is Turkish.

This text is available also in Polish

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