Monday, January 5, 2015

Resume of 2014 and resolutions for 2015

It has been more than a month since I wrote my previous post, and a new year has begun, so it is  high time to make some kind of a resume. Actually I do not celebrate in any particular way the end of the old year. Who knows the history of changes in the calendars, they know that it is only a symbolic date. Obviously some of us need such dates to make account of what they have done and to think about resolutions for future. So I will do it also. My resolutions however are not an effect of one night reflections, but a result of several weeks of thinking...

What is behind me

I can consider last year a good one when it comes to language learning. I did big progress in Arabic, namely its version called in Arabic al-fuSHA, and in English - Modern Standard Arabic. Although I am aware that it is not the language people communicate in every day, yet it is useful when it comes to literature, media etc.

I made a few attempts to Egyptian dialect as it is widely understood in the Arab world, but I did not like it much. First, there are less my favorite "Arabic" sounds in it, second, MSA sound nicer in my opinion, third, two visits as a tourist to Egypt are enough for me... So if one day I will take up a dialect, it will probably be Levantine.

In regard with other languages, I participate regularly in conversations in Spanish, Italian, French and Portuguese - I am rather good at these languages (not mentioning English), and also in Turkish and Hindi. I am not so good at the latter two. I expected bigger progress especially in Turkish. In spite of the promises given myself, I did not keep them, because I treated Arabic as a priority.

What is ahead of me

Arabic will still be a language I will study full-time. But I think that I will not focus so much on grammar. I will try to read more and watch more TV programs or materials available on the Internet, and of course - I hope - to talk much.

Turkish will be my priority in the coming months. I like this language very much. Turkey enchanted me as a country. I have been learning Turkish for some time now but I am still not able to reach a point when I could say that I speak it. Even Arabic seems easier for me... I tell myself that it is because of the totally different way of constructing sentences than in other languages I learned so far and it requires much effort, and speaking, speaking, and... speaking.

I sometimes think that Turkish may be too difficult for me... Maybe there are linguistic barriers over which even I, speaking several languages, am not able to get? I try not to surrender to such thoughts and that is why I give myself several coming months to get over these barriers.

I would also like very much to make bigger progress in Hindi. That is why at present I do not begin to learn any other language (I thought about taking back Swahili - only for passion, or German - probably more practical), but as for now I put aside these plans. Turkish will be my priority!

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