Saturday, January 10, 2015

Priority for coming months: Turkish

As I wrote lately in the post about 2014 resume and resolutions for 2015, one of the priorities for coming months will be Turkish. I repeat myself, but I will admit once again that I have a problem with this language and I think what may be the cause. I tell myself that it is not the most difficult language in the world (is there anything like that?), so if I only to my best, I will manage to learn it!

The main problem in my case is the fact that I do not have many opportunities to practise the language, especially when it comes to speaking. I try to review what I have already learned, but the majority of the textbooks are simply boring for me, because I went through the material for beginners at two or three times already.

It seems however that I found a book, which, may to some extent break the boredom. Its title is, nomen omen, "The Delights of Learning Turkish". Until now I did 7 lessons and it looks like it is not another boring textbook, despite the fact that it contains many grammatical explanation and vast vocabulary to learn...

Well, a propos learning vocabulary, I am not sure that a long list of several dozens of adverbs iin one lesson is the best idea. For a long time now I stopped to learn new words by heart, because next week I could not remember much. Now I rather try to remember several most important ones, the rest - well, it is enough for me now to recall them when I encounter them in a text somewhere.

But as language is not only about writing, and above all about speaking, I try to listen to much material and to watch TV. In regard with audio material, I will once again praise the course by the FSI (Foreign Language Institute), because it contains dozens of hours of audio - something not provided by other courses.

As I mentioned in previous posts, the problem with Turkish lies also, as it seems to me, in a totally different way of building sentences (comparing to languages I learned so far). To get used to it I will try to read more press articles, blog posts, and above all I started to read my very first book in Turkish. It is "Kız kardeşim Madonna" about my favorite singer. I hope that it will be additional motivation to reading.

Worth mentioning is also the participation in so called language practice hangouts on Google+. As for now it is the only opportunity for me to speak.

And what are your experiences with Turkish?

This post is available also in Polish

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