Tuesday, January 27, 2015

MSA Pimsleur course - completed

I waited quite long for this course. Simon & Schuster released long time ago two Arabic courses, for Egyptian dialect (one level) and Eastern Arabic (three levels), MSA (Modern Standard Arabic) course was published recently, more or less two years ago. There are two levels available. It is one of the few conversational courses for literary Arabic, and it helps to drill and automatize the most often used linguistic constructions. I did both levels.

I wrote several times about the Pimsleur courses. Sometimes they may seem a bit boring, the pace may not be too fast, but taking into consideration that they are meant for beginners, in my opinion they do the job. Although some of my friends say that some words or phrases are not used the way they use them in the course, well, I am not yet so advanced to judge... I have to believe what they say.

I will not elaborate about this course. I want to once again underline that the two levels give approx. 30 hours of audio material to listen to and to practice, and this is not little as for a language course. As I already mentioned, it is a conversational course; there not many such courses in MSA. Textbooks for this language contain mainly texts, excerpts from newspapers, novels or poetry, not mentioning the Quran.

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