Thursday, November 13, 2014

Egyptian Arabic - once again, week 2

The second week passed after returning to intensive learning of Egyptian Arabic after a year break. I did two more lessons from the book "Colloquial Arabic of Egypt" and next four units from the "Arabic Basic Course. Egyptian Arabic", published by the Defense Language Institute.

As I have already written, the second one is in my opinion, better, especially for those who speak or learn also MSA (Modern Standard Arabic), because it explains the differences in grammar and vocabulary between MSA and EA.

Audio files from the DLI course are saved for good in my mp3 player and I keep listening to them on my way to work, while ironing or on a treadmill.

I tried also to watch a little the Egyptian TV channel Al Masriya. Nevertheless I mostly stumbled on news programs which are broadcast in MSA.

This post is available also in Polish

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