Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Egyptian Arabic - once again, week 1

Time to resume the first week of the intensive study of the Egyptian Arabic after a year's break. For now it's just a review of what I have already learnt and with a great satisfaction I discover that I'm doing well. As it's a review I use several sources at a time, mainly: "Colloquial Arabic of Egypt" - a texbook published by Routledge and "Arabic Basic Course. Egyptian Arabic", published by the Defense Language Institute. 

From the first I review 10 lessons, from the second - 4.
Particularly the second is useful, especially for someone who - like me - learns also MSA (Modern Standard Arabic). In grammar and vocabulary explanations there are explained the differences between MSA ana EA, which helps in learning process.

I have audio material to both courses which makes it easier for me to learn and it helps to train listening comprehension. Moreover, I discovered lately with great joy that I can watch Egyptian TV channel Al Masriya via satellite.

Unfortunately I haven't yet found anybody who would be willing volontarily help me in practicing speaking, but I hope that I will overcome this obstacle soon. This is my main objective when it comes to Egyptian Arabic - communicating with others. For reading or watching TV I could to with MSA.

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