Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Time to start an active phase of studies

اليوم كنت أدرس قليلا اللفة العربية. أكملت دراستي الكتاب اللتي نشرتها جامعة كامبريدج عنوانه 
"Elementary Modern Standard Arabic". 
In English it will sound like this: Today I have been learning Arabic a little. I completed studying the book published by the University of Cambridge under the title "Elementary Standard Modern Arabic". Another step of building a base to continue my studies behind me. What next? More studying! As a person who does not feel satisfied after having learned some basic grammatical structures and small stock of vocabulary, I am conscious that the real studies are still ahead of me. What do I need the grammar rules for if I will not be able to use them? What do I need the vocabulary for if I will not be capable to use it actively?

I hope that the steps I have undertaken in the last few weeks will deliver expected results. I mean, among others, so called language hangouts I organize on Google+ - regular conversations in Arabic. I would not be able to practice so much without the help from my new friends from Saudi Arabia and Iraq. I can only hope that they will still have so much patience as until now.

The second project that is still in a beginning phase it a community I created on G+, namely Arabic Language Community. Although there is not much going on there at the moment, I hope that with time more and more people will see ALC as a place to share their knowledge, ideas and experiences related with Arabic language studies. It is also supposed to be a place to get the answers to the questions or doubts related with this language. Will this idea be successful - we will see in the coming weeks or rather months.

I would like the next step of my Arabic studies to be an "active phase", that is, a phase during which more and more learning will be carried out in the form of speaking, writing or making exercises. Wish me luck...

To join the next Arabic Practice Hangout, click HERE.

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