Thursday, October 9, 2014

Arabic Language Community on G+

Yesterday I created a new community on Google+, Arabic Language Community. My aim is to bring together speakers and learners of Arabic to help each other and to discuss things connected with this language. I hope with time it will become a vibrant place to exchange thoughts, opinions and experiences.

I know there are many sites and forums but this place is supposed to give you close to immediate feedback as most of us use social media on a daily basis.

For me personally, it is supposed to be the next step in my Arabic studies, to be more active in creating posts in this language and to share what I have already learned and get feedback from native speakers.

I guess at first al-fuSHa (Modern Standard Arabic) will be the most discussed here, but I hope that with time there will also be parts related to colloquial versions, like Egyptian, Levantine and so on.

If you learn or speak Arabic, feel free to join us!


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