Friday, August 15, 2014

Back to Hindi after a short pause
with "Outline of Hindi Grammar"

After nearly a month break in learning Hindi I gained some new motivation for it. To uphold it I took to another book, namely "Outline of Hindi Grammar" by R.S. McGregor. It waited patiently on a shelf until today. As it reads on the back cover: "This classic book is a concise introduction to the essential grammar of modern Hindi and also serves as a reference for those who want to improve their grasp of the language".

I bought this book while on a holiday in India some time ago. This is the third edition, revised and enlarged. It is not a typical grammar book as it includes many exercises to drill what read. There is a key to them so you can check if you did everything well. There are also, newly added, reading and listening exercises which make the book even more useful. These exercises are meant to help the learner to consolidate command of spoken language and script.

All the examples and exercises are written in Devanagari script as well as in transliteration into English, and they are accompanied with a translation. But... As the title says, it is an outline so do not expect very detailed explanation of every grammatical question you might have. Each point discussed is illustrated with several short examples just to give the reader a clue what it is about. If you need or want to have more insight, you have to look for a supplementary publication.

R.S. McGregor was a philologist of the Hindi language, grammarian, literary historian, translator and lexicographer. He studied Hindi in England and India. He taught the language at the University of Cambridge from 1964 to 1997. He was editor of the highly regarded Oxford Hindi-English Dictionary.

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