Friday, August 15, 2014

Back to Hindi after a short pause
with "Outline of Hindi Grammar"

After nearly a month break in learning Hindi I gained some new motivation for it. To uphold it I took to another book, namely "Outline of Hindi Grammar" by R.S. McGregor. It waited patiently on a shelf until today. As it reads on the back cover: "This classic book is a concise introduction to the essential grammar of modern Hindi and also serves as a reference for those who want to improve their grasp of the language".

Hindi po krótkiej przerwie z książką "Outline of Hindi Grammar"

Po prawie miesięcznej przerwie w nauce Hindi wróciła mi motywacja. Żeby ją podtrzymać sięgnąłem po kolejną książkę, mianowicie "Outline of Hindi Grammar" ("Zarys gramatyki Hindi) autorstwa R.S. McGregora. Czekała sobie cierpliwie na półce, aż do dzisiaj. Jak napisano na tylnej okładce: "Ta klasyczna książka jest zwięzłym wprowadzeniem do podstaw gramatyki współczesnego Hindi, ale jest także przydatna tym, którzy chcą poprawić swoją znajomość tego języka".

Thursday, August 14, 2014

"Understanding Arabs" - I loved every page of this book

I may seem a bit boring but here is another post on Arabic/Arabs I have read lately. As a serious learner of Arabic language I believe it is essential to know something more about history, culture, traditions of people speaking it. The latest item I just finished reading is “Understanding Arabs. A Contemporary Guide to Arab Society” by Margaret K. Nydell.

The author is a highly esteemed academic, but this does not mean that the book is a boring scientific work. She has a gift of writiting with a light pen, in very clear words about the most complex historical, cultural, religious, political and social questions. Thanks to this, “Understanding Arabs” is a kind of handbook accessible to everyone.