Saturday, July 5, 2014

Arabic course with books, audio and video

Al-9Arabiyyatu Bayna Yadayk - this is the course I chose to continue my studies after finishing DLI Modern Standard Arabic Basic Course (more on that here). In fact, it will be more like a review of what I have already learned, then going much further. But I think I need it to strengthen my knowledge. It is a 3-book set accompanied by audio material. It is entirely in Arabic which is also a plus of this course. What's more, all the lessons are available on You Tube in the form of recorded sessions.

The videos are available on the Green Lane Mosque channel on You Tube. Ustadh (Professor) Abdul Karim teaches Arabic to the class and thanks to these recording you can feel like a part of the class. Aside from learning the language, grammar, vocabulary and usage, there are also explanations about culture and traditions, and of course about Islam. But it is not a religious course.

Although the books are entirely in Arabic, what I mentioned earlier - during recorded classes the teacher uses Arabic and English, what is good for someone who does not feel his level is good enough to get all the instructions in Arabic.

This text is available also in Polish

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