Saturday, June 14, 2014

Türkçe okuyorum - enriching vocabulary

During the Turkish hangout held last Friday we read two texts from the book "Türkçe okuyorum". I've had this book for quite a time but somehow I never took to it. Now it seems to me, it is a very interesting tool for enriching my Turkish vocabulary and reading comprehension.

The texts we read on Friday treated about getting cold and about going shopping. As can be seen they were about daily activities. This is in my opinion a big strength of this book in comparison to other readers. I have also "Turkish News Reader", but frankly speaking it is very boring, as it covers rather political matters. Of course, it is important to acquire vocabulary connected with nearly all fields but it is essential to be able to speak about daily activities first.

Each text is accompanied by several questions which aim is to check your understanding and "to force" you to speak. You can also check your reading comprehension with "True/False" questions.

What is the most important, during our weekly hangouts we have a native speaker to help us. If anyone is interested in practicing with us, feel free to join the Google+  page of the Turkish Practice Hangouts to receive invitations.


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