Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Daily training from AJ Learning - 10 June

Today I started another kind of practice in my Arabic language studies - reading short texts from "Daily trainings" offered by Al-Jazeera learning site. Well, it's not quite new because I've already read several texts from the media in Arabic. But this time I promise myself to read a short text every day. Wish me luck!

I like the site learning.aljazeera.net, because it contains plenty of material for a serious learner. 9(I wrote a short post about the site here.) One has to remember that the texts cover mostly the topcis discussed in the media, so it's hard to find here easy reading about e.g. a daily routine ( I get up at..., then I brush my teeth, then I go to work, etc.). On the other hand, Modern Standard Arabic is useful mostly in the official situations, to watch TV, read books and newspapers. That's why I believe this site may prove helpful - it gives you an opportunity to enrich vocabulary and to practice reading and listening comprehension.

The text I've read today comes under the title: قَطَر والمَغرِب تَدْعَمَانِ حُرّية الإعْلام, which means Morocco and Qatar support media freedom. I won't discuss here the content - for now the most important for me is to practice reading and to acquire more vocabulary.

The text in the section "Daily training" are shortened versions of the actual information given in the news programmes. You find here also various exercices e.g. Drag and Drop, Matching, True/False etc.

Some useful words/phrases from the text:

​حُرِّيَّةُ الْإِعْلَامِ
freedom of information

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