Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Learning Arabic with Al Jazeera

Some time ago Al Jazeera launched a learning Arabic site. I guess it's very useful for those who study Arabic (namely Modern Standard Arabic) seriously and want to practice what they learn. It you're a beginner it won't help you much though, it might be useful for those who are at least at an early intermediate level.

There are three main sections: 

  • Daily Training - it contains: Top News, Today's Headlines, Sport, Arts, Economy, Health, 
  • Weekly Learning - it contains: TV Report, Articles & Reports, Grammar learning, Poetry, Photo Gallery
  • Our Community - you'll find here: You teach, Today's Char, From the blogs, Ask the Teacher

The most important thing in my opinions is the extensive character of the site. The texts are offered in a full form, shortened form, with and without a vocalization, with a translation and a dictionary and useful phrases. There are plenty of interactive activities based around articles.

After having read an article you can do review exercices as e.g. Matching, True/False, Blank Filling, Drag and Drop and some other. You can also record yourself or write a few sentences about what you've just read. Another possibility is to use a tool "Ask a teacher" or "Ask our community".

Do I need to add anything more? Try for yourselves!

The website is available at http://learning.aljazeera.net/arabic

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