Saturday, June 14, 2014

Daily training from AJ Learning - 14 June

It doesn't happen often that you learn new vocabulary reading a text like this one. It may not be quite fresh news but as it's part of the Daily Training on Al Jazeera Learning site, I thought: why not learn several words about Iran and nuclear technology.

The text I chose for today's reading is entitled: إيرانُ تُرَحِّبُ بِتَقْريرِ الْوِكالَةِ الذّريّةِ. English translation of the title is: Iran welcomes the IAEA report. The report is said to have proved that the Irani nuclear program has a peaceful aim.That's why the agency accepted it. At the same time the Irani president pledges that nuclear technology will continue to have peaceful objective.

To read full text, click here.

Some useful vocabulary:

الطَّاقَةُ اَلذَّرِّيَّة
atomic energy
بَرْنَامِجٌ نَوَوِيّ
nuclear program
التِّقْنِيَّةُ النَّوَوِيَّة
nuclear technology
بَرْهَنَ (عَلَى)
to prove, to show
كَشَفَ (عَن)
to discover, to reveal


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