Saturday, May 24, 2014

Open Learning Initiative

Arabic for Global Exchange is a very interesting free course I found a few days ago. It's offered by Open Learning Initiative of Carnegie Mellon University. It's not very extensive, it offers an introduction and six lesson - they cover plenty material though. Using this course you can not only learn basic Arabic vocabulary and grammar but also learn about linguistic reality in the countries where Arabic is used as well as about a so-called diglossia.

Many a time I wrote here, on this blog, about a problem every learner of Arabic faces: what Arabic should I learn? The answer depens on what you want to achieve, of course. This course, the introduction readings from the people who traveled to Egypt and Jordan to study Arabic add some arguments to this unsolved problem.

Helping to understand the aforementioned realities is a big asset of this course. For me learning a language is also a way to understand other people, their history, culture and traditions. That's why I believe it's good to acquire at least a bit of such a knowledge.

Below the readings you'll find a set of questions to test what you've remembered form them. There are also tests summarizing all the lessons, but unfortunately they're not available for open and free users.

Here's the link to the course: Arabic for Global Exchange

Apart from Arabic, there are also other language courses:

  • American English Speech
  • Elementary French I
  • Elementary French II

In the future there will also be:

  • Elementary Spanish I

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