Saturday, April 5, 2014

Reading in Arabic: هدايا العيد

It was the third hangout I organized to practice reading in Arabic. This time, it was a very easy text, in fact it was a short story for children, under the title هدايا العيد, which can be translated as "Holiday gift". It wasn't too interesting, but entertaining a little to read about a boy who found a box but it wasn't exactly what he expected...

The holiday the story talks about is called عيد الفطر, translated into English as lesser Bairam. It's the first day of the three-day festivities after the ending of the Ramadan - a whole month of fasting for Muslims. The story says nothing more about the feast though.

In the end Omar received four gifts from his father, mother, brother and sister. They were:
قطار - train
سيارة - car
طائرة - plane
دراجة هوائية - bicycle
Of course these were not real vehicles, but الألعاب - toys (singular: ألعوبة).

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