Thursday, April 17, 2014

Interesting site for those learning Arabic - MSA and Egyptian

I found this website some time ago and saved it as one of my favorite links for learning Arabic. In my opinion it's a very good and comprehensive source for those interested in learning Egyptian dialect. It is not a very extensive site but it still gives you the general differences between MSA and EA. Here's the address:

The site is divided into several parts:

  • Vocabulary - it contains basic vocabulary divided in categories such as for example: Animals, City & transportation, Colors, Emotions & personality traits, Sport & hobbies etc. All of them are given in MSA and EA, in Arabic script, transliteration and with their English meanings.
  • Grammar - this part explains basic grammatical issues, some of them both in MSA and EA, some - only in EA, others - only in MSA (like for example cases, because you can rarely find them in EA).
  • FAQ - you can find here answer for various questions you might have, for example: Where can I find English-language movies/TV dubbed in Arabic?; Are broken plurals completely unpredictable?; If I study standard Arabic, how much will it help me in the Middle East? and many others.
  • About - in this section you will find the system of transliteration used by the site and a brief presentation of the author.
  • Links - dozens of links to other sites where you can find learning materials, music, magazines, online dictionaries etc.

I guess for the time being it'll be one of the sites I'll be using quite often as, aside from the MSA, I chose to learn Egyptian dialect. Below is an example of comparison of the verb conjugation:


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