Friday, March 28, 2014

توقعات الطقس
Weather forecast in Arabic

It was tough! During the latest hangout "Let's read in Arabic" I organized last Thursday we, learners, had uneasy task: to read a weather forecast. I thought it would be easier though. But all in all I think it was worth it. We often start a new conversation with "Hello!", "How are you today?" and then move on to exchange several sentences on the state of the weather. That's why I think it's essential to acquire vocabulary connected with this topic.

This time, in regard with the suggestions, we read the text which included Haraka (vowelling). Sincerelly speaking, I have mixed feelings about that. Of course, it looks much easier to read a text with vowelling, especially when you're a learner or if it contains some new vocabulary. On the other hand, you don't encounter Haraka in the newspapers or books. So the result is: you learn to read with Haraka but then you need to read without Haraka. Tough!

In my opinion, it's better to read a text once or twice with Haraka and then to try to do it without the vowelling. It will enable you to remember the words and their appearance as they will look like in the texts you'll encounter in real life. And what's your opinion on this?

This time I won't put here the whole text we read, I will only mention that it was a real weather forecast taken from the Al Jazeera website. We first read the text, we translated it sentence by sentence, and at the end we watched the video with the recorded forecast.

If you want to try for yourself, here the link for the material with lots of activities to practice: توقعات الطقس

Below you'll find some vocabulary connected with the weather

كيف الجو اليوم؟ / كيف الطقس اليوم؟
What’s the weather like today?
كيف سيكون الجو؟ / كيف سيكون الطقس؟
ًWhat the weather will be like?
الجو حار / الطقس حار
It’s hot
الجو بارد / الطقس بارد
It’s cold
الجو دافئ / الطقس دافئ
It’s warm
الجو معتدل / الطقس معتدل
It’s cool / It’s moderate
الجو عاصف / الطقس عاصف
It’s windy / stormy
الطقس مشمس
It’s a sunny weather
الطقس ممطر
It’s a rainy weather
الجو مطي
It rains
كان الجو مطيرا
It rained
توقعات الطقس
weather forecast
درجة الحرارة
(درجة الحرارة) العظمى
high temperature
(درجة الحرارة) الصغرى
low temperature
مطر - أمطار
rain - rains
غيمة - غيوم / سحابة - سحب
cloud - clouds
شمس - شموس
sun - suns
ريح - رياح
wind - winds
snow, ice


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