Saturday, March 22, 2014

Practising Hindi

I love Fridays! Yes, that's the beginning of the weekend! But not only because of that. Friday is a day when I can practice speaking Hindi! As I wrote a few times Hindi is one of the languages that have a special place in my heart. I not only consider it a very beautiful and rich language but it's also due my to sentimental feelings I experienced during my trip to India. (You can read about my travel to India on my sister blog - Multigato Around The World.)

I was looking for someone in Google+ community to practice Hindi with and finally I found. Last Friday was the second time we had an opportunity to chat for a while. Well, not such a while - for two hours! We were talking about daily life activities, out hobbies, books for learning Hindi we have on our shelves.

I have several of them. To Aravinder's suprise there have been several books for learning Hindi published in Poland, in Polish. In fact, I starterd my adventure with this language with "Język Hindi" by Danuta Stasik (Hindi professor at the University of Warsaw). There are two parts, very well written with extensive grammatical explanations and readings. What I miss is the key to the exercises so you can't teach yourself fully with this book. I also use three-part set written by Umesh Nautiyal (Hindi professor at the Jagiellonian University in Cracow) and Anna Kowalska. First part contains concise explanations of the most important grammatical questions and the two others contain dialogs and readings to pracice reading and speaking. The bad thing about this set is that the books contain some mistakes, so be careful using them!

I also have "Colloquial Hindi" by Tej K. Bhatia although I don't consider it a very well written (sorry). To learn grammar I bought "Outline of Hindi Grammar", a classic position, by R.S. McGregor, an acclaimed expert in Hindi. Another one is "Hindi for non-Hindi speaking people" - a textbook and a workbook by Kavita Kumar. The last two I managed to buy while in India.

The are several other I acquired, I haven't used them yet, they are waiting patiently on the shelves.


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