Thursday, March 6, 2014

Le Swahili sans peine

Today I've added another source for learning Swahili, namely "Le Swahili sans peine" published by Assimil. It's not a new book, not even a latest edition, but until recently I thought my French wasn't that good to use a French book to learn another language.

I don't often use Assimil courses. Until now I only used "El Nuevo Portugués sin esfuerzo", published in Spanish. I must admit that it's a quite entertaining course and in my opinion very well structured, in spite of many errors (I wrote about them here.)

Returning to Swahili course, I've already done 8 lessons, which were in fact a kind of the review what I'd learned earlier and I think I will like it. The grammatical questions are explained in a simple, clear way that don't let you feel overwhelmed.

What is annoying me is the pace of the audio in the first lessons, very slow and very unnatural. I prefer a natural way of speaking from the beginning. But as far as I can remember from the Portuguese course it will gain pace after several lessons.

Other courses I've been using for Swahili are: "Colloquial Swahili" (published by Routledge) and "Swahili Basic Course" (published by the Foreign Language Institute").

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