Saturday, March 22, 2014

Hindi Urdu Flagship
- excellent source for every learner

Today I'd like to share with you one of the best language learning resources I've found on the web: The Hindi Urdu Flagship. As the title says it's directed to Hindi and Urdu learners, it's very well prepared by the experts in the subject from the University of Texas and Austin. The best thing is that many materials are available to download for free.

We read in the intro:
The Hindi Urdu Flagship — “HUF” to its friends — is an undergraduate program at the University of Texas at Austin designed for students who wish to achieve advanced professional proficiency in Hindi and Urdu while majoring in a wide variety of programs, including Business, Government, Economics, Communications, Pre-Medicine and various liberal arts fields.

That doesn't mean that it's limited only to the Univerisyt of Texas students. As I already mentioned you can access many of the materials posted on site and even download them for free. They can be found in the "Resources" part. We can find here, among others:

  • Glossaries alive - a series which combines oral drills, informal conversation, and script-reading to produce an effective introduction to essential Hindi vocabulary and grammar
  • Hindi Thesaurus - a series of lively, unscripted Hindi-medium conversations about groups of words of related meaning
  • Hindi Worksheets - these materials, supplied in PDF format, have been written primarily to accompany Rupert Snell's "Complete Hindi" (formerly "Teach Yourself Hindi") and "Beginner’s Hindi" course-books
  • Hindi and Urdu Since 1800: A Common Reader - a reader compiled by Christopher Shackle and Rupert Snell, a whole book available as PDF
  • First-Year Hindi textbooks and a workbook - by former HUF director Herman van Olphen
  • And much much more...
I love them! Thank you all at the HUF for making them available for us, learners!

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