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Africa Trek 2 (eng)

This is the second book I read entirely in French. The first was “The Call of the angel” (“L'appel de l'ange”). The novel, about which I write today, “Africa Trek 2” by Sonia and Alexandre Poussins, is an example of the travel literature, but not only. This is a record of the second stage of their hiking from south to north Africa.

"Africa Trek 2" is subtitled “From Kilimanjaro to the Sea of Galilee”. The aim of their journey was not a touristic one, though in many places they had the time and opportunity to visit museums, archaeological sites, etc. The purpose of their journey was to meet people who live in the places through which they were passing.
Together with them, we get to know the inhabitants of towns and villages in Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan, Egypt and Israel. According to their accounts, within 639 days they met 646 people. Many of them showed them so much hospitality and so much heart, that they ensure that they will remember them for the rest of their life. Among their hosts there were scientists, civil servants, but also pastors, residents of poor villages. This does not mean that the hike was laid with roses. There were also unpleasant, even dramatic, situations, when (in Ethiopia) there were many a time pelted with stones by groups of kids.
Throughout more than 700 pages of this very exciting book we learn about daily life, customs, traditions, but also religious rites of the peoples of Africa, their struggle with the difficulties resulting from the poor economy of the country, lack of work, or tribal and sectarian conflicts.
This book drew my attention because going to Kenya or Tanzania is one of my dreams. I reached for it because I hope to read in it descriptions of beautiful places, meetings with the wild animals and all the things that ignite our imagination to the sound of the word "Africa". None of these things. But despite this I am not disappointed. I would like to say that this book is read in one breath. Probably so. In my case it was different, because I was reading it in French which is not my native language. I've encountered a lot of new words and expressions, including those from a colloquial language. But above all, I was fascinated with the authors fascination with people they met. Once again, I realized that what is most valuable in traveling, it is not sightseeing, but meeting people...

Africa Trek 2. Du Kilimandjaro au lac de Tibériade
Language: French
Publisher: Éditions Robert Laffont SA, Paris, 2005, Series: Pocket
Pages : 763
Web page:

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