Saturday, February 22, 2014

Reading in Italian: “Monselice nei secoli”

I would have never expected that I would read with such pleasure a scientific book about an Italian town and its history during the ages. And… I do! The book is called “Monselice nei secoli” and it helps me with enriching the vocabulary connected with history, geography etc.

Italian was once one of my favorite languages but some time ago something happened - I can’t bear watching news on Rai News 24. It seems to me they are shouting them out. I still haven’t managed to read through “Better Reading Italian” which is supposed to enrich the learner’s vocabulary but some texts are simply boring… This is my opinion. I hope I will reagain the joy of reading in Italian when I buy new books during my coming soon trip to Italy.

In the meantime I grabbed my hands on “Monselice nei secoli” - a thick book I once received as a gift. As its title says, “Monselice during the centuries”, it’s a scientific book describing the history of the small Italian town situated in the Veneto. It may not be so interesting as a detective story but I quite like it. It helps me with enriching the vocabulary connected with historical events, development of towns and countries and so on…

Aside from that, it also contains many constructions once doesn’t use on a daily basis but I believe it’s good to know the written scientific language too. Isn’t it?
The book was edited by Antonio Rigon and published by the town of Monselice and Canova Edizioni in 2009.


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