Friday, February 28, 2014

Make writing a habit

I am not sure if everyone will agree with me, but in my opinion learning a language should also include learning how to write in it. Sometimes it’s easier - like for example (from my point of view) with Spanish, sometimes more difficult - like with Arabic or Hindi. And I don’t mean here writing professional or official letters, just several sentences in case it’s needed.

I believe there are people who, learning Hindi or Arabic, say “I learn to talk, to communicate and I don’t need to read or write". It may be true. But I think such an approach won’t let you to experience the language as a whole, with its written sources, books, press articles, blog posts, even sign posts - assuming you’ll be traveling to a country where the language is used.

First, think how reading may considerably increase your learning speed. How come? You get yourself exposed to the language to much bigger extent than by only studying a textbook, listening to audio materials or watching TV. This way you “drill” vocabulary, declensions or conjugations, sentences, constructions, usage of words and so on. And when you already took to read something you’re half-way to learning to write!
What’s more, if you’re sort of learner that prefers visual methods of studying, reading and writing will add to the speed of your language acquisition.

Saying all that, I promise myself to write more in the languages I learn. Sincerely speaking, I do it sometimes. I write posts for this blog in English, several of them have been written in Spanish and Italian. I write in English and Spanish for my other blog: Multigato Around The World.
I also wrote intro about the languages I learn in several languages - look here.
Aside from that, I wrote several posts with sentences built with the vocabulary I was learning at the moment in Arabic - here are some of them:
سافرت الى مصر
Next step in my MSA studies: writing
كيف يؤثر الفيسبوك علي نا وعلى علاقاتنا؟
More - under the tag: عربي (Arabic)

And I don't mean only writing while sitting in front of a computer, I have several copybooks with my attemps. Now I think I’ll make it a habit.

If you think you could help me with my writing efforts and see any errors in the posts I wrote, please let me know.


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