Monday, February 24, 2014

Excellent course with audio files: Spoken and written Hindi

When I was looking for a Hindi textbook accompanied by the audio material I was advised to try “Spoken and written Hindi” by G.H. Fairbanks and B.G. Misra, published by Cornell University Press in 1966. It was a very good advise: I like the structure of the course and the audio material is excellent and helps you to drill what you learn.

As can be seen from the publishing date, it’s not a new posistion on the market but somehow I didn’t have a chance to grab my hands on it earlier. I hope that vocabulary used in it won’t turn out to be outdated but as a matter of fact it’s not the only source I’ll be using.

What I like about the course? The most important factors are:

  • it focuses on the communicative skills,
  • it offers dozens of exercises
  • they are accompanied by many hours of audio material
  • it doesn’t overwhelm a student with vast vocabulary.

I prefer to learn less words but to learn them thoroughly, and upon them to build my communicative skills. The most valuable thing is the accomanying audio material. Many a times I wrote that I love course made by the Foreign Language Institute and the Defense Language Institute because of their structure and very well prepared audio materials. “Spoken and written Hindi” is similar to them, although not that extensive.

Until now I went through 4 units and I must admit that it’s just what I was looking for.

Have you used the course? What are your thoughts?


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