Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Yearly "confession"

It’s time to make a confession - of what I did and what I did not do when it comes to language studies, especially in the light of the promises given myself last year… That’s not the exhaustive list, but the most important things.

I am very happy that I made a big progress in Portuguese. This is thanks to my travel to Portugal last summer. I studied it very seriously during the first months of the year to be able to communicate with people while in Portugal. And I must admit immodestly that it worked!
I had also many opportunities to practise more my favorite foreign language - Spanish during my summer trip.

There’s no need to say that I continue to enrich my English, watching TV, movies, reading books, press, blogs and most of all using it nearly every day.
I am also satisfied with my French. I had several occasions to meet with French people thanks to my business contacts. It helped me a lot, and it was so motivating!

I have to say here a few words about my Arabic studies. As I said several times I started to learn Egyptian Arabic before my holiday in Egypt in December 2012, but then I switched to MSA. I’ve been studying it regularly and seriously during the whole year. It will continue to be my priority in 2014.

At the end of the year I returned to Hindi.
Unfortunately I didn’t succeed in my plans to study Italian more seriously. That’s why I promise myself to sit down to it in 2014.

Last year brought a whole new experience with practising what I learn - namely Google+ hangouts. During first months after I have discovered them, there were so many of them organized that I didn’t know which to choose. Now they are scarce in “my” languages, but the ones that are still organized are in my opinion the best way to practise.

I read (or listened to) several books in several languages. I love to read, but aside from the novels etc. I study many textbooks and read many press articles and blog posts etc. so in fact that’s not the complete list of my readings...
“I Am Malala” (English)
“Light at the End of the World” (English)
“Pilgrim in the Palace of Words” (English)
“Entre los creyentes” (Spanish)
“La ciudad y los perros” (Spanish)
“La caduta dei giganti” (Italian)
“Lo scandalo Modigliani” (Italian)
“Processo” (Italian)
“Conversas da manhã e de tarde” (Portuguese)
“Regresso de Sherlock Holmes III: Charles Augustus Milverton” (Portuguese)
”Regresso do Sherlock Holmes: O Signo dos Quatro” (Portuguese)
“L’appel de l’ange” (French)
“Africa Trek 2” (French) - I just started

I completed
Assimil El Nuevo Portugués sin esfuerzo (review)
Pimsleur Comprehensive Hindi (review)
Foreign Language Institute Turkish Basic Course Volume I (lessons 1-30)
Defense Language Institue Modern Standard Arabic Basic Course Volumes I-VIII (lessons 1-64)
Familiarization Course - Turkish
Foreign Langauge Institute French Basic Course
Język francuski dla zaawansowanych (French for advanced learners), up to lesson 20
Better Reading Italian, up to page 95
Gramática activa (Portuguese), up to Unidade 42

I wrote dozens of posts in several languages for this blog and for my second blog Multigato Around The World. I made several podcasts, but I’m not sure if I will continue to make them. Maybe I will switch to videocasts, but I haven’t decided yet…

Here’s the table showing the time I dedicated to all the languages in 2013, excluding English and Spanish:

Arabic (MSA)
Arabic (Egyptian)

Thank you all my friends for the encouragement you are to me every day!

This post is available also in Polish

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