Saturday, January 4, 2014

New year, new goals

Time to set new goals for the year that has just begun - as regards language learning. I will continue with all the languages I studied last year plus I will add Swahili which I already learned a little some time ago.

Here are my general language-related goals for 2014:
  • To keep studying Arabic - this language will continue to be my priority this year.
  • To have more conversations in Arabic
  • To reach B2 level in Arabic
  • To make progress in Italian TV - to reach C2 level
  • To make progress in Portuguese - to reach C2 level
  • To make progress in French - to reach C1 level
  • To make progress in Turkish - to reach B1 level (I still can't get over the hump)
  • To have some basic conversations in Hindi and Swahili
  • To write more posts in the languages I learn
  • To return to Swahili

If you want to do a language exchange, send me a message or circle me on Google+ (you’ll find my profile on the right).

What’s ahead for the coming weeks and months
  • Foreign Language Institute Turkish Basic Course Volume II
  • Defense Language Institute Modern Standard Arabic Course, starting from Volume IX
  • Język francuski dla zaawansowanych (French for advanced learners), from lesson 21
  • “Africa Trek 2” (I started to read it in mid-December)
  • Better Reading Italian, from page 97
  • Modern Italian Grammar - Workbook
  • Gramática activa (Portuguese), from Unidade 43
  • Colloquial Hindi: units 9-10 (to complete the course)
  • Język Hindi (“Hindi language”) - a very good textbook in Polish)
  • Foreign Language Institute Swahili Basic Course
  • Colloquial Swahili

Books to read (already waiting on the shelf; there will certailny be more of them)
  • in Turkish: “Kız kardeşim Madonna” - I should have read it last year but I didn’t. It’s as for now the only book in Turkish (although a translation from English) I have and it’s about my favorite singer so it’s supposed to be fun. We’ll see…
  • in Spanish: “Juan Carlos. El Rey de un pueblo”
  • in Portuguese: “Breve história de quase tudo” and “A catedral do mar”

Aside from that, I may explore 1-2 languages. I may flirt with Persian which is on my wish list but I don’t think I will have that much time to start studying it.

Wish me luck!


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