Sunday, January 12, 2014

Daily linguistic workout

I believe that whether you learn just one language or several languages you have to do it full-time. Of course you may take short breaks or decide to study a given language at a given time or change your priorities occasionally, but to maintain what you've already learned you need to do something in a given language all the time.

Although I register my studies I don't make detailed plans. One day I feel like studying more Arabic, the other - French. Registering my studies and progress helps me to focus on them.
Nevertheless, lately I re-considered this and I no longer register the detailed time. It took too much time and didn’t reflect everything I was doing.

Everyday I try to do something in some of the languages I learn but there are too many of them and too little time to do much in each of them every day.

in the morning on my way to work I review a unit from a textbook for Arabic
in the afternon while in the gym I listen to audio file from the same unit in Arabic or from another language
in the evening, having returned home, I read for a while a book in Spanish
then I listen to Italian TV while ironing
then I participate in a French Practice Hangout on Google+
I wish I would be able to do more but still I do much!

Aside from that I browse many websites in English, French, Italian and Spanish. I read some news bits in those languages as well.

I have quite a few TV stations saved as favorites, among them France 24, AlJazeera in Arabic, AlJazeera in English, BBC Arabic, CNN, Rai 24 News, Rai Uno, Rai Due, Rai Tre, 24 Horas, TVE International, RTP Internacional, TRT Türk and several more… I try to watch a little every day to “keep in touch” with as much of them as I can.

Saying all that, yes, to speak several languages you need to plan your daily workout. Even if you don’t want to make a detailed plan which might be too absorbing and not needed at all, you have to get used to do your workout every day… And you will always feel you haven’t done enough.

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