Sunday, December 22, 2013

Why I won't use SwahiliPod101

I was very happy when I encountered SwahiliPod101 website. Because I learned Swahili some time ago and I think about returning to it next year, I thought subscribing to their Word of the Day service would be a good starting point to. What's more, I circled the site on Google+ not to miss anything. How disappointed I've felt when I found several errors in what they teach. And I'm just a beginner!

Below I enclosed the examples. I didn't feel like going through all the previous words because of the mistakes I found. And as you can see they are very basic.

Saying that, I have to add one thing. I'm just a language learning geek. I run this blog because it's my passion. I try to write posts in some of the languages I learn. I can't say I don't make mistakes. In fact I'm pretty sure I do! But I would like to stress the fact that I'm a learner and I want to learn from the mistakes I do. I don't want to learn from the sites like SwahiliPod101. They just bring a mess. Sorry guys, uncircled...

Swahili verb for "to bake" is "kuoka" and not "kukuoka".

"Mwanamke" means "woman", as in the example above, and not "man".
If you want to talk about a man, you use "bwana", "mwanaume" or "mtu".

The verb "husafisha" doesn't mean "I cleaned up" because it's conjugated here in this example in the habitual tense, and not in the past tense. Thus, the meaning of the sentence is "I (usually) clean up the kitchen".

One more example, without a mistake, but...

They give you a noun to learn, and then they use another word in the examples. LOL.

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