Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Languages - progress: December 2013

This is the last report in this form. I decided not to be so strict in counting the hours. The reason? I haven’t counted hours for English and Spanish - one day I think I should, the other - not. Sometimes I browse the web in several languages every day. Should I count it or not? The same with TV programs. That’s why I think I will still register what I studied, what I read etc. to keep me motivated and to register my progress, but in more general terms. I will no longer count the hours. But... I will try to write more in the languages I learn to practise this aspect.

Time spent

  • Total: 82h00
  • عربي (Arabic MSA): 40h00
  • Português: 13h40
  • Hindi: 11h10
  • Türkçe: 8h50
  • Français: 5h20
  • Italiano: 3h00


 عربي (Arabic MSA) 
DLI Course: lessons 56-64, reading, grammar, vocabulary, audio drills
Hangout: practise
TV: AlJazeera in Arabic - news programs

“Język francuski dla zaawansowanych” (“French for advances learners”): lessons 18-20
Hangout: practise
TV: France 24 - news programs
Book: “Africa Trek 2” - reading

Pimsleur course - I reviewed units 15-30
Colloquial Hindi - units 5-8

“Better Reading Italian” - several more chapters done to enrich vocabulary
TV: Rai News 24 - news programs

Gramática activa - units 41-42, written exercises
TV: RTP Internacional - news programs
Hangouts - practise
For the first time I organized a hangout, in fact, three of them, in Portuguese - about traveling and books

FSI Course: units 23-30 review, audio, reading, grammar
TV: TRT Türk and TRT Haber

Apart from that:
I spent hours browsing Internet sites in several languages
I wrote several entries in English for my blogs.

For my traveling blog:
I translated into Portuguese posts about my travel last year to Egypt (read it in Portuguese).
I translated into English a post about my short trip to Vienna.
I wrote several posts about my travel experiences to Florence (Italy), Granada, Málaga and Seville (Spain) as well as to Gibraltar - in Polish and English.

This text is available also in Polish

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