Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Languages - progress: Sept 2013

Arabic continued to be my priority in September. I dedicated to it approx. 41 hours. Turkish held the second place. The rest? Well, not that good, but after spending many hours on French and Italian earlier I just needed a little rest from them.

Time spent

  • Total: 95h10
  • عربي (Arabic MSA): 41h20
  • Türkçe: 18h50
  • Français: 17h20
  • Hindi: 8h30
  • Português: 5h50
  • Italiano: 3h20


 عربي (Arabic MSA) 
DLI Course - lessons 38-47, reading, grammar, vocabulary, audio drills
Hangout - practicing speaking, listening comprehension, reading and writing
Teach Yourself Arabic - unit 8, past tense of “to be” and negation of the present tense
TV - AlJazeera in Arabic
Now I’m at the end of the sixth module of the DLI course. After I have learned the present tense and future of several form verbs I can at last build more sentences. And I surely try to do it.
I’m trying to take part in short converstations during Arabic hangouts on Google+ and i can understand more and more what is being said by the participants form Arabic countries.
Arabic will continue to be my priority in October.

Hangouts - practice
TV - France 24, watching news programs
Book - “L’appel de l’ange” by G. Musso - the first book in French I've ever read
You can read my impressions about the book here

Pimsleur course - units 13-26
Refreshing some basic sentences

TV - Rai News 24 - watching
Hangout - practice
I promise myself to spend more time on Italian in October.

Hangouts - practice
TV - RTP Internacional - watching
“Gramática activa¨ - units 34-37, grammatical exercises

FSI Course - units 28-34, audio review + reading + grammar
TV - TRT Türk, Euronews (in Turkish) - watching
Hangout - practice
Press - I translated for myself two texts from the website of the “Hürriyet”, you can read it here and here

This text is available also in Polish

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