Sunday, October 13, 2013

Language learning - passion or obsession?

How many of you spend endless hours learning new grammatical rules or vocabulary, or just watching news in a language you learn? How many of you can’t wait to sit down with a book to feel this pleasure of reading and learning at the same time? I do. Sometimes I wonder: is it still a passion or has it become an obsession?

The border between these two is not so easy to draw. Some people will shrug and ask: is it important? Well, I think that sometimes when passion becomes obsession it can be harmful one way or another. I love learning languages but sometimes I catch myself in a situation that I’m not able to think about anything else that’s not connectecd with my language studies. But like they say, every sword has two edges. Alike this matter also has its advantages and disadvantages.

The most important advantage is that we always yearn for learning something new, and it gives us a real pleasure and satisfaction. That’s a great feeling! Sure it is!
But on the other hand don’t you get a little frustrated at times? I sure do. Every so often I think that I don’t make so fast a progress I should and it takes some time until I get over the hump. Sometimes it seems that the harder I try the lesser are the results. I can’t say that I like this feeling.

There’s much more to it. Especially when there are some things around the house I know I should do, or some friends I should meet. But my studies seem so much more important and interesting… It seems that I would lose something if I didn’t dedicate all my time to my studies.
This is the moment when I start asking myself: do I have to hurry with my studies? Shouldn’t my passion give me a pleasure instead of becoming sort of a necessity? Don’t I let something more important to slip through my fingers? My family... my friends…

Then it’s time to slow down a bit to regain balance. For some time I enjoy peace of mind until… I get back to the old habits...

And what about you? Is language learning something you call your great passion or has it become your obsession?

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