Thursday, September 5, 2013

Why do I keep blogging in English

Someone asked me recently why I kept blogging in English calling it a bit snobbish not to maintain my blog only in Polish. The answer is simple: I want to connect with wider range of language learners. Apart from that, it’s another way to practice. Although I can’t say I study English every day I do something connected with it: watching TV, browsing websites etc.

English is not the only foreign language I write my posts in. I also write in Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. I would like to use more languages. I try to translate for myself short articles from Turkish press but I wish I could be able to do more.
I am aware that there might be some mistakes but I’ll keep writing. With each text I learn something, be it a word, be it an idiom etc. I can only hope that some native speakers will point out any mistakes if there were any to help me with improving in my studies.
Apart from the posts I publish here, there are texts in Polish, English and Spanish on my other blog, Multigato Around The World – they treat specifically about my traveling experiences.
Do you keep your blogs in other languages than your mother tongue?

This text is also available in Polish

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