Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Turkish September

From time to time I dedicate a month to a particular language – just for myself. It’s an extra motivation to learn and also a way to introduce some variety into the normal course of learning these several languages I keep learning. September is the month of the Turkish language.

What does it mean in practice? Every day I’ll try to learn something connected with this language, even if it was learning a new word (better if there were more than one), reading a piece of news, watching TV for a while, or even chatting with the people for whom it’s a mother tongue.

In the coming days I should finish the first volume of the course developed by the Foreign Language Institute. I promise myself to read and translate a short text at least twice a week. In order to diversify my studies I plan to listen to some music. I guess I’ll sing along with my favorite Sertab Erener or Tarkan.
I will also try to write a short post or two in Turkish. Fingers crossed!

This post i salso available in Polish

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