Saturday, September 21, 2013

The call of the angel

The book „L'appel de l'ange” („The call of the angel”, not published in English) by Guillaume Musso begins prosaically – two people run into each other at the airport. Madeline Greene is a florist in Paris, Jonathan Lempereur has a restaurant in San Francisco. They exchange their mobiles accidentally. When they discover the mistake, they promise to return the phones as soon as possible, but the curiosity is stronger. They both can't help browsing the other's mobile contents. Private files hide many secrets...

Thanks to the information contained in their mobiles, Madeline and Jonathan discover secrets of the other, the trivial and the serious ones, hidden deep behind passwords and secure locks. And the truth may be surprising...

The book of Guillaume Musso, a very popular French author, although it begins like any other romantic novel, with every page changes in a lively thriller. The book is pleasant to read, seasoned with a pinch of humor.
This is the first novel I read in French. It was not that difficult. To say the truth, I had to check many words which I didn't know. I could figure out the meaning of many others from the context. Still other I heard or read somewhere and now they just fixed deeper in my memory.

Some people, after reading this novel (including me) will still be asking themselves: what would happen if a stranger got his hands on my mobile?

L'appel de l'ange”

Author: Guillaume Musso
Language: French
Publisher: XO Éditions – Pocket
Year: 2011
Pages: 464

PS. The book was not published in English
Official website of the author:

This post is available also in Polish and French


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