Monday, September 2, 2013

Languages - progress: August 2013

Arabic was again my priority in August. I spent much less time on other languages, except for Turkish. The latter will be my second priority in September. My aim: to do something with these two every day, even picking up several new words. In August, similarly as in July, I watched less TV and studied more.

Time spent

  • Total: 67h50
  • عربي (Arabic MSA): 32h10
  • Türkçe: 15h10
  • Português: 12h00
  • Français: 5h20
  • Hindi: 2h10
  • Italiano: 1h00


 عربي (Arabic MSA) 
DLI Course - lessons 31-39, reading, grammar, vocabulary, audio drills
Hangout - practicing speaking, listening comprehension, reading and writing
TV: AlJazeera in Arabic
Now I’m at the end of the fourth module of the DLI course. I finally learned some present tense forms. I hope I will soon be able to built some simple sentences in the present tense.
I also watched a bit AlJazeera in Arabic to get accustomed to the language and trying to pick up some words.

Hangouts - practice
“Język francuski dla zaawansowanych” (“French for advanced learners”) - lessons 7-10
TV: France 24, news programs

Pimsleur course - units 11-13
Rather browsing up to refresh some basic sentences than real studies.

TV: Rai News 24 - watching
As can be seen in August I took a little break from Italian.

Hangouts - practice
TV: RTP Internacional - watching
“Gramática activa¨ - units 32-33
“Conversas de manhã e de tarde” - reading (a short post about this book - here)
Not much done. I think I just needed a short break after intensive studies in the previous months.

FSI Course - units 22-29, reading + grammar + audio
TV: TRT Türk - watching
Hangout - practice
Drilling stuctures covered in the FSI course. I promise myself to focus more on Turkish in September.

Apart from this, I translated into Spanish the posts about my travel experiences to Egypt last December. Now they can be read in English, Polish and Spanish

This text is also available in Polish


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