Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Languages - progress: June 2013

Lisboa, Castelo São Jorge
Theoretically less time dedicated to studying in June, but on the other hand it was also a time of a total immersion in Spanish and Portuguese. Apart from that, I focused on two languages I’m the weakest by far - Turkish and Arabic.

Time spent

  • Total: 45h05
  • عربي (Arabic MSA): 17h55
  • Português: 15h00
  • Türkçe: 6h00
  • Italiano: 3h40
  • Français: 2h30


 عربي (Arabic MSA) 
DLI Course - lessons 15-19
Hangouts - practicing speaking, listening comprehension, reading and writing
Gramática - learning basic grammatical rules, mainly nouns and verbs
Still struggling with basics of the grammar. In the DLI course I finally passed the first two modules which deal mostly with nouns and adjectives and passed to much more interesting things, namely verbs - that should help me to progress and to be able to built at least simple verbal sentences.
Participation in hangouts held on the Google+ are my priority for now - to practice what I learn. Thanks to the enthusiasm of the native Arabic speakers I have this great opportunity!

Hangouts - practice
France 24 - watching
Not much done - some time dedicated to speaking and listening comprehension.

Hangouts - practice
TV - Rai News 24 - watching
As above - not much done - some time dedicated to speaking and listening comprehension.

Hangouts - practice
TV - watching
Total immersion
June was definitely the Portuguese month. As I spent a week in Portugal while on a vacation I had many opportunities to talk with natives. It went well.

FSI Course - units 21-25, audio review
TV - TRT Türk - watching
No new material, drilling relative clauses and practicing what I’ve already learned.

Apart form these registered studies I spent several days immersing in Spanish while on a holiday in the south of Spain. To brush up my Spanish - but also for pleasure - I started reading “Entre los creyentes” por V.S. Naipaul (in Spanish).

This text is also available in Polish.

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