Thursday, July 18, 2013

Craig David: İstanbul’a aşık oldum

Read more in Turkish! - this is just another resolution for this year. Some time ago I started to read short test from Turkish media to learn to translate and to enrich my vocabulary. After a pause, here's another attempt. Well, this text is not difficult, but it's just a beginning. I hope I will persevere in this resolution. We'll see...

Today's text comes from Hürriyet website (published on July 18, 2013).

İstanbul’a aşık oldum
Bodrum’un açılışında sahneye çıkan İngiliz R&B şarkıcısı Craig David, Bodrum’un ardından İstanbul’u gezdi.
Ünlü şarkıcı, Kapalıçarşı’dan Adalar’a uzanan turistik gezisi sırasında şehre hayran kaldı. David, bundan sonra Türkiye’ye daha sık geleceğini söyledi: “İstanbul fantastik bir şehir. İnsanın buraya aşık olmaması mümkün değil. Bundan sonra Türkiye’ye daha sık gelip tatillerimin bir kısmını burada geçireceğim.”

I fell in love with Istanbul
After inauguration on the stage of Bodrum, English R&B signer Craig David, after Bodrum visited Istanbul.
Famous singer admired the city during a touristic trip running from  Grand Bazaar to (the islands of) Adalar. David said that he’s going to come to Turkey more often from now on. “Istanbul is a fantastic city. It’s impossible that you didn’t fell in love with this place. From now on I will come more often to Turkey and spent part of my holidays here.

If anyone finds a mistake or would like to make a correction - to help me to understand Turkish better, feel free to comment.


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