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Languages - progress: May 2013

In the courtyard of the Royal Palace in Madrid
May was another very good month when it comes to learning. I speeded up my Portuguese studies before heading to Portugal where I was to spend part of my holiday. I also took up to the Modern Standard Arabic which I enjoy more and more with every new lesson I study. May was also a month to refresh my Spanish in which I’m more or less fluent (diploma DELE) as Madrid was a first stop during this year's holiday.

Time spent

  • Total: 93h35
  • Português: 26h10
  • عربي (Arabic MSA): 25h15
  • Français: 20h30
  • Türkçe: 13h00
  • Italiano: 8h40


 عربي (Arabic MSA) 
DLI Course - lessons 7-14
Hangouts - participation to practice what I learn. I didn’t speak much but I had an occasion to listen and I guess it still counts as a practice. I’m grateful to the host and other participants for their patience
Teach Yourself - units 1-7, to have an overview of the language
Generally drilling cases and acquiring basic vocabulary at this stage. I made a short intro for my blog. I hope to take seriously to Arabic in the second part of the year when I will have returned from my holiday.

FSI Course - lessons 21-24, ending this way the course by FSI
Hangouts - practice
I finished FSI Course although I can’t say I mastered all the material so in the coming months I’m going to review some of the lessons to drill the material they contain.
I continued to develop my speaking skills through participation in the hangouts held on Google+ and through speaking with the French who came to Poland because of a mutual project being a part of our business cooperation.

  • moeurs - customs, habits, morals
  • contrainte - barrier, limit, constraint
  • malgré lui - against himself
  • il échappe de justesse - he escapes justice
  • abjurer - to renounce
  • ni l’un ni l’autre - neither one nor the other
  • Je n’ai aucune idée - I have no idea
  • Quelle audace! - What audacity!
  • gager (que) - to bet, to guarantee
  • honnête - honest
  • (une) boîte de nuit - nightclub
  • dans ces circonstances - under these circumstances
  • Je pense qu’il y a beaucoup d’ambiance.

Better Reading Italian: first part under the title “Il bel paese”: Trieste (I) and (II), L’agriturismo - enriching vocabulary and improving reading comprehension
Hangouts - practice
TV - Rai News - watching
Immersion - I had an opportunity to discuss some business matters with the Italians I met at the end of the month.

  • erta - steep slope
  • erto - steep
  • stare all’erta - to be on the lookout
  • cantuccio - corner, nook
  • stare in cantuccio - stand in corner, to keep away
  • sassoso - stony (= pietroso)
  • ragazzaccio - naughty boy
  • muso - mouth, muzzle
  • gentaglia - mob, rabble
  • fango - mud
  • fanghiglia - filthy mud
  • cascina - farmhouse, dairy farm
  • borgo - borough
  • colle (m) - hill, mount
  • lucciola - glowworm, firefly
  • d’altro canto - on the other side
  • salame - (coll.) una persona ingenua, stupita
  • che pizza! - (coll.) che noia!

Gramática activa - unidades 3-22
Hangouts - practice
TV - RTP Internacional, RTP Informação - watching
Enriching vocabulary from the phrasebook
The biggest part of the studies was dedicated to refresh grammatical issues. I do all the exercises from "Gramática activa" in the written form. I worked on enriching my vocabulary before a trip to Portugal.

  • petisco - tidbit
  • Vire na terceira à direita.
  • Vire à esquerda depois dos semáforos.
  • construído por...
  • erigido em...
  • fundado em...
  • destruído por...
  • descoberto em... por...
  • pintado por...
  • restaurado em...
  • iniciado em...
  • terminado em...
  • Quando foi construído?
  • Quem foi o arquitecto?

FSI Course - units 21-25, audio; unit 16 - all the exercises done in the written form
Familiarization Course - unit 13 - enriching vocabulary
Hangouts - practice, unfortunately only one held

  • birdenbire - suddenly
  • gık - sound
  • galiba yaz - probably/maybe summer
  • şu an - now
  • şimdi terk etmek zorundayım - I have to leave now
  • umarım - I hope that
  • sanırım - I think that
  • ister inan! - believe!
  • ister inanma! - don’t believe!
  • Ben yalnızım - I’m alone
  • bölüm - odcinek serialu, rozdział książki
  • rahatına bak - make yourself at home
  • örneğim - for example
  • keyifli - pleasant
  • genç ruhlu - young at heart
  • Ne kadar da doğru! - How true!

Apart form these registered studies I spent some time refreshing my Spanish - which I don't register. In the end of May I had a great opportunity to immerse in Spanish because of my holiday - the first stop was Madrid!
I wouldn't be myself if I didn't buy some books. I found some bargains at Book Fair held at that time, e.g. "Juan Carlos. El Rey de un pueblo" by Paul Preston and "Entre los creyentes" by my favorite writer V.S.Naipaul.

This test is also available in Polish

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