Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Joy of learning Arabic regained

MSA or not MSA? Egyptian or not Egyptian? – these are the questions I’ve asked myself for a long time switching - or rather tossing - between them. When I decided to study MSA (Modern Standard Arabic) doubts casted over me that it might not have been the right decision and I immediately leaned towards Egyptian dialect. And vice versa. I guess I’m not the only one…

This week after having struggled with MSA for several weeks, starting to understand it a bit, I made up my mind (again) to dedicated some time to the Egyptian dialect. And you know what? I immediately regained the joy of learning Arabic. It was quite a relief - like coming back to a friend I just got to know and then we had to part. Does it mean that this time I'making the right choice? Does my mind tells me: yes, go for it!? I don’t know…

I’m sure though that I’m not putting MSA aside for good. I want to be able to watch and understand TV broadcasts and read official media so I will have to learn at least some MSA. However I really prefer to study the language I will be able to use with people on the street while traveling or just sitting here and there and sipping my coffee. That’s what makes my passion (that is learning languages) more interesting and enjoyable and worth carrying on. For me it's not only about a thorough knowledge of grammatical rules but more about being capable to communicate with others.

That being said I take to my Arabic studies with a new strength and joy I just regained…  Wish me luck!