Tuesday, April 9, 2013

“El nuevo portugués sin esfuerzo” - review finished

Last week I finished the review of “El nuevo portugués sin esfuerzo”. I studied this course for the second (or maybe the third) time to make a thorough review of what I’ve learned so far. Apart from being funny – the dialogues are built in such a way that you’re laughing to yourself while studying – it contains all the fundamental grammatical issues one needs to be able to communicate in Portuguese. If it only hadn’t contained so many errors...

Now my studies will go in two main directions:
1) Practicing speaking thanks to Google+ Hangouts,
2) Doing grammar exercises to consolidate the knowledge I’ve acquired so far; I will use to this purpose two books: “Gramática activa” and “Qual é a dúvida?”
Apart from that I will of course watch TV and read newspapers and articles in the Internet. I will also try to write short passages from time to time.

PS. In regards with the errros I mentioned above, I will write about them shortly.

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