Saturday, April 27, 2013

Wisdom coming from proverbs and sayings

Practice makes perfect – this is one of the saying language learners use very often.  It’s true with many other things and actions we do or learn in our lives. During a hangout we had the other day on Google+ we exchanged some of the proverbs and sayings used in various countries. And you know what? They’re not so unique as one might have thought. To every proverb someone gave, someone else gave a counterpart from their country.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Joy of learning Arabic regained

MSA or not MSA? Egyptian or not Egyptian? – these are the questions I’ve asked myself for a long time switching - or rather tossing - between them. When I decided to study MSA (Modern Standard Arabic) doubts casted over me that it might not have been the right decision and I immediately leaned towards Egyptian dialect. And vice versa. I guess I’m not the only one…

Monday, April 22, 2013

Turkish: Getting over the hump

Last week I made up my  mind to get over the hump in learning Turkish. Although I've studied it for quite a time I hardly had an occasion to speak it. Until last week - I participated, twice, in Turkish Practice Hangout, and I really liked it, even though I couldn't express myself as fully as I would have liked to.

That's why I decided to go once more time through whole FSI Turkish Course. This time I promised myself to make all the exercises in written form apart form doing them orally - thanks to extensive audio material. I hope I will keep the promise I gave myself. Time will tell...

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Reading in Turkish: İran'da 7,8 büyüklüğünde deprem oldu

This is just another attempt to reading in Turkish. From time to time I will post here my translation samples. They will be translations along with some useful vocabulary. I’m not a professional translator but reading is one of the most important ways for me in learning a foreign language.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Does Euskera come from a Dogon language?

Browsing the Spanish press I encountered a very interesting article about Euskera - a language spoken in the northern Spain, in the Basque Country. It's totally differerent from all the other languages used on the Iberian peninsula. What's more, linguists are still not sure where it comes from. As the article says, a Spanish linguist asures that Euskera comes from the language spoken by the African people of Dogon.

The article was published on the website of the La Vanguardia newspaper on April 10th this year. Here's a link for those who would like to read it. Mind that it's in Spanish.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

“El nuevo portugués sin esfuerzo” - review finished

Last week I finished the review of “El nuevo portugués sin esfuerzo”. I studied this course for the second (or maybe the third) time to make a thorough review of what I’ve learned so far. Apart from being funny – the dialogues are built in such a way that you’re laughing to yourself while studying – it contains all the fundamental grammatical issues one needs to be able to communicate in Portuguese. If it only hadn’t contained so many errors...

Now my studies will go in two main directions:
1) Practicing speaking thanks to Google+ Hangouts,
2) Doing grammar exercises to consolidate the knowledge I’ve acquired so far; I will use to this purpose two books: “Gramática activa” and “Qual é a dúvida?”
Apart from that I will of course watch TV and read newspapers and articles in the Internet. I will also try to write short passages from time to time.

PS. In regards with the errros I mentioned above, I will write about them shortly.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Languages – progress: March 2013

March was so far the best month when it comes to learning foreign languages. It’s not only about the amount of hours spent because this was a bit less than in February but in terms of practicing. I finally found a way to practice what I study. I am sure I don’t have to say how important it is for every language learner who wants to speak and not only to master the grammar. I found a great community on Google+ - it’s called Language Practice Hangouts. It joins people from all around the world who want to practice speaking and volunteers who want to help them. So far I participated in hangouts for Portuguese, Italian, French and Spanish. I hope for more in the coming days…

Języki – postępy: marzec 2013

Marzec okazał się jak do tej pory najlepszym miesiącem, jeśli chodzi o naukę języków. Nie chodzi tylko o liczbę godzin, które na to poświęciłem, bo było ich nieco mniej niż w lutym, ale o praktykę. W końcu znalazłem sposób na ćwiczenie w praktyce tego czego się uczę. Jestem pewny, że nie muszę nikogo przekonywać, jakie to ważne dla każdego kto uczy się języków obcych, żeby się nimi posługiwać, a nie tylko opanowywać gramatykę. Znalazłem świetną grupę – nazywaną na Google+ społecznością: Language Practice Hangouts. Łączy ona ludzi, którzy chcą ćwiczyć poprzez mówienie oraz ochotników, którzy chcą im pomóc. Dotychczas uczestniczyłem hangoutach: portugalskim, włoskim, francuskim i hiszpańskim. Mam nadzieję na kolejne w nadchodzących dniach…