Sunday, February 3, 2013

Languages – progress: January 2013

Struggling – this word describes very well January as regards my learning languages. After an extremely good start at the beginning of the year, my motivation slowed down with every week. In effect I didn’t do as much as I expected. Sincerely speaking I struggled with my motivation to keep up with all of the languages I’ve learned so far. If I could study them all full time I’d be more than happy but I don’t have that much time so I think I have to re-consider my plans – and to put aside some of them for some time. I hope to return to them in the future.

What I did in the first week of January you can read in a previous post. Here I will report on what I did in the last three weeks.

Time spent
  • Total: 69h10
  • عربي (ArabicMSA) 9h50
  • Portuguese: 13h30
  • हिंदी (Hindi): 4h20
  • Swahili: 4h20
  • Turkish: 11h50
  • French: 16h30
  • Italian: 10h30

عربي (Arabic MSA)
Nothing special. I’ve listened to the recordings of lessons 4 through 9 of the FSI Modern Written Arabic Course. Sincerely speaking, I guess I didn’t make a right decision to switch to MSA this year. I think I’ll return to Egyptian dialect to study it full time again. Nevertheless I’ll continue to listen to MSA recordings.

I studied units 15 and 16 of the FSI Course. I did all the grammar and tried to learn vocabulary, I practiced reading and listening. I made all the audio drills twice. The material covered mostly relative pronouns: qui, que, ce qui, ce que, as well as Conditional.
I watched France 24 and tried to repeat what was being said, to remember as much as I can.

हिंदी (Hindi)
This is one of the languages I always wanted to return to but it seems my decision was made too soon. I regret it but I don’t have enough time to continue. In the last weeks I reviewed units 2 and 3 of “Teach Yourself” course. I also listened to units 3-6 of this course.

As it comes to one of my priorities this year, last weeks were spent mostly on keeping up with the spoken language. I watched Rai News and Euronews. I listened to “Lo scandalo Modigliani” (by Ken Follett) as audiobook. Apart from that, I just started to read “Processo” by Franz Kafka (Italian translation).

Another priority this year. I reviewed lessons 29-42 of the Assimil course. I read all the texts, made all the exercises. I also practiced translating all the texts from Spanish (I have a version of the course in this language) into Portuguese.
I watched TV news programs for several hours in total, especially RTP International and Euronews.

Turkish is another language I’ll continue to study full time. I studied units 36-41 of the FSI Course. I did all the readings, grammar and vocabulary exercises. I also did these units using listening-repeating method.

I went through consecutive units, namely 44-47, of the FSI course. I practiced reading, learnt new grammar issues and vocabulary. I did all the drills, using traditional method as well as treating them as audio drills.
I must admit, though with a much regret, that I’m not sure I’ll still be spending so much time on Swahili as I did before. As I don’t have that much time I think I will put it aside for some time. I may do some reading or exercises occasionally, but it won’t be full time study in the coming months.

I will try to do my best not to put aside my favorite languages for long. I’m sure if not now, I will learn them later when I’ve gained strong command of the ones I regard as my priorities at present.

This text is albo available in Polish


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