Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Languages - progress: December 2012

December was a month of rest. I dedicated only 29 hours to learning. The truth is that I took a leave and you don’t go on a holiday to bone up. On the other hand it wasn’t a total rest because I had an opportunity to practice a little Arabic with the Egyptians. Here’s a monthly review…

Hours spent
  • Total: 30
  • Arabic (Egyptian): 14
  • Portuguese: 5,5
  • Swahili: 3,5
  • Turkish: 3
  • French: 2
  • Italian: 2

I dedicated the most of the time on Arabic; no wonder given that I spent two weeks in Egypt. The result could have been better but for the fact that people switched immediately to English, probably thinking that I learned but a few sentences to show up or to make a good impression on them.
Once my attempts to communicate in Arabic caused sort of anger. In a hostel in Cairo I heard from the offended receptionist that he is not a bloke and he speaks English. Well… But generally people showed kindness to my attempts, especially a girl in a terminal of Go Bus company who encouraged me patiently to construct sentences in her native language.
Besides, I studied units 5 through 7 of the DLI course.

Other languages don’t look so good in the December review. Portuguese is back into favor. I spent on it 5,5 hours. To refresh some vocabulary I do again a whole Assimil course.
I hardly did anything as regards Swahili, Turkish, French and Italian.

January will show if this rest will have a positive impact on my learning…

This text is also available in Polish

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