Thursday, November 1, 2012

Swahili – time to move on

Fourteen units of the book „Colloquial Swahili” are behind me. With great satisfaction I can close the first stage of the study. I admit that it costs me much effort as Bantu languages are different when it comes to grammar and of course vocabulary from the languages I’ve learned so far, among which the majority are European tongues. In the coming weeks and months I’ll try to take advantage of the enthusiasm and joy Swahili is giving me at the moment as well as the help from my new friends.

„Colloquial Swahili” is in my opinion one of the best written manuals from this series. Perhaps apart from few dialogs, like the one about the quarrel about the way mum cooks rise, they are generally varied and related to everyday situations, from presenting oneself, shopping or planning a trip, to visiting a doctor, to reading newspapers and writing letters. The book contains clear explanations of the most important grammatical issues, among them tenses, including conditionals.

After several months I spent on this self-study book I have a general knowledge of how the syntax works in Swahili and about so-called noun classes as well as basic vocabulary. It’s time to move on. I’ll focus on the FSI course and on „Swahili Learners’ Reference Grammar” which in clear and concise way presents Swahili grammar. Wish me luck!

This text is also available in Polish


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